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Troke Contracting has been working in some of Toronto's best custom built homes for over 20 years.


We have and will continue to collaborate with some of the best known designers and architects in the country to produce the custom home of your dreams.

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.

Custom Built Homes

Custom Built Homes

We will work with your architect or designer to create a condominium unit to your exacting specifications and needs.

Clients are quite often moving from large custom homes into condos. Their expectation on quality of materials and finish is that it be the same as their previous homes. We provide that service with meticulous attention to detail.

We source the materials and craftsmen to help realize their creative vision and needs.

Custom Condominium Suites

Custom Condominium Suites

Additions   +

Full Renovations

​We pride ourselves on the way we approach the complete renovation of the city's prized historical homes. These homes require a careful approach to strip them of their old dilapidated finishes and bring them up to today's building standards.


We always view the homes from the ground up. Basements are now a usable living space and need to be dry and fully functioning for today's families. Foundations need to be solid. All mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems need to be up to current building codes.

A house with a poor base and inferior

mechanics will always be so. You can

decorate any way you like, but the

foundation and core of the home

must be solid.

Next we would look at the exterior. Are the walls insulated? Are the windows in need of replacement? What is the life expectancy of the roof? Clients often ask us to view houses they are looking at purchasing to get our professional opinion on these factors to help in their decision making.

Additions + Full Renovations
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