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I began my career with a large commercial contractor but realized early on that I liked the challenge of creating something out of an idea, or a drawing, or transforming an old property into something new and special.  After a few years, I decided that I needed to work for myself and have more control over the way things are done.  I do a lot of work with Andrew Ness (of Andrew Ness Construction Management Inc.), and when he and I work together, our strength is the ability to figure out how to make everything come together with our meticulous attention to detail.


For the past 25 years I have worked to create outstanding custom homes and condominium units and my business involves transforming existing properties into luxurious living spaces.  I thrive on the challenge of completing difficult renovations and executing the vision of driven architects and designers.  Using before-and-after photographs, this website showcases some of my significant projects... each unique and interesting in its own way. 


Over the years I've built tremendous relationships within the custom building and renovation industry and have nurtured an accomplished team of professionals who help turn my clients’ visions into reality.  The relationship I have with my associates is unique in the industry and people who come by our job sites notice that difference.  We work in an environment of trust, respect and co-operation.  While they are all independent contractors we still view ourselves as a team and both Andrew and I appreciate and value their hard work and support over the course of the many projects we've completed.  


I remain committed to taking on only the amount of work that can be accomplished on time and within budget, while upholding my stringent standards for excellence and I look forward to the future!  Andrew and I feel strongly about continuing to pursue our shared goals:


  • meeting or exceeding customer expectations,

  • bringing our clients a superb finished product.





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